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Emery Jamieson is one of Edmonton’s most well-respected and established law firms. Our experienced lawyers will represent your best interests as an individual or on behalf of your business.

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Our local lawyers serve clients across Edmonton and area, as well as throughout Alberta. Each member of our legal team specializes in an area you may need assistance with, such as wills and estate planning, construction law, or personal injury litigation.

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As a member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), we provide our clients with access to an international network of lawyers comprised of more than 100 member firms over 50 countries. If your business requires a high level of legal expertise within North America or globally, we can help.

While I am very aware Claire cannot practice law forever… And in the event I ever require counsel in respect to a divorce or family matter again… I would march directly into Emery Jamieson and politely request a lawyer just like Claire. I’m not one to author a review for any service that is less than exceptional service, Claire Klassen delivered exceptional service.

— Ashley Nitram
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Can an employee be terminated for their social media posts?

In recent years, increased social media use has sparked debate about reasonable expectations of privacy on social media, accountability for online activity, and the line between personal and professional life. There have been a few high-profile stories in Canada and elsewhere where people have been …

How Does the Characterization of My Assets Affect My Estate Planning?

Different types of assets are treated differently in your estate when you pass away. Knowing the nature of your assets is therefore fundamental to your estate plans. When you meet with a lawyer to prepare your Will, your lawyer will ask you questions about what assets you have and how you own them …

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