Deep Alberta Roots

Founded in 1893 by Nicholas Beck and Edward Emery, we are one of Alberta's oldest law firms. In 1949 John Jamieson joined the firm, and the firm became Emery Jamieson LLP soon after.

Our lawyers are at the forefront of their practice areas. Over the last century, lawyers who worked here have been appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench and Court of Appeal, elected as Members of Parliament, and one became the Premier of Saskatchewan. With a strong and storied past, we have decades of experience in—and connection to—Alberta.

Always Looking Forward

Emery Jamieson LLP is comprised of an experienced and diverse team of lawyers and support staff providing each of our clients with expertise in a wide range of legal areas. We are a firm that consistently receives referral work from other law firms and are proud of the strong reputation that we have earned over the last century. As a member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide, we can provide our clients with access to an international network of lawyers.

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John Jamieson, Q.C., one day prior to his retirement, defined Emery Jamieson LLP as follows:

"I guess we're an old fashioned firm. It's our style. It's the manner in which we deal with our clients, with other members of the profession and each other. Outsiders notice our ability to get along among ourselves. It's an older style. That doesn't mean we don't move with the times and try to be just a step ahead. As you know, looking ahead was an old-fashioned virtue."

At Emery Jamieson LLP, our lawyers are always looking ahead at how to best serve our clients and our community.