Alberta has some of the oldest workplace legislation in Canada. The Occupational Health and Safety Act has not been significantly updated for more than 40 years, while Alberta’s workplaces have evolved significantly.

Following a review of existing laws, changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (“OHS”) have been introduced in Bill 30 – An Act to Protect the Health and Well-Being of Working Albertans (the “Act”). The changes will be implemented and will impact both employers and employees effective June 1, 2018.

OHS changes include:

  • expanding responsibilities of workplace parties;
  • increasing availability of information;
  • establishing new worksite health and safety committees and representatives;
  • broadening the right to refuse dangerous work;
  • requiring employer health and safety programs;
  • implementing stricter reporting requirements of serious workplace injuries;
  • broadening compliance and enforcement powers;
  • overhauling the appeals process; and
  • expanding offences and penalties.
For more information, please review our full update of the changes to OHS legislation at: OHS Update


Regardless if you are an employee or an employer, the introduction of these legislative changes will undoubtedly affect your workplace. Employers should review and update their employment practices and/or policies to ensure compliance with these revised laws.

Whether you need a consultation, a review/revision of your employment contracts, or a complete overhaul of your employment policies, our firm has the expertise to assist you.

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