Our team of qualified employment lawyers assist companies with a variety of issues surrounding employment. Whether you own a small business or large corporation, we can guide you through the complexities of employment laws in Alberta or at the national level.

Your Employment Law Firm

Our employment lawyers in Edmonton support you through all stages of employing staff, from recruiting, hiring, and management to termination, resignation, or retirement. They specialize in Alberta employment and human rights standards and laws, so you know that every step you take as an employer is backed by sound legal advice. They also work alongside our Corporate Law team, giving you a full-service experience.

What Are Alberta Employment Standards?

The Government of Alberta enforces a set of employment laws that all employers must follow. Ignoring or deliberately violating these regulations can result in fines and prosecution. Understanding and complying with these standards can be difficult to navigate, but we can help.

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Creating Legal Employment Policies in Alberta

Our employment lawyers can help you draft employment policies that benefit your business and comply with Alberta or federal employment standards. These policies can help businesses maximize productivity and allow employers to take effective actions in handling employee conduct issues.

These policies might include:

  • Health and safety policies
  • Non-compete policies
  • Privacy policies
  • Harassment policies
  • Employee leave, such as vacation, bereavement, and personal or sick time
  • Technology use policies, including social media
  • Disciplinary policies

With legal advice, you can ensure your policies follow Alberta employment standards. In the case that someone takes legal action against you, legally reviewed policies tend to stand a better chance in court.

Hiring a New Employee in Alberta

For most industries, when hiring a new employee in Alberta, you must follow the Employment Standards Code. Employers must also follow human rights, occupational health and safety, and information and privacy laws.  Some industries fall under the scope of federal employment laws instead of Alberta laws.  

Our lawyers can help with every part of the employment relationship, including specific issues like preparing employment agreements, handling employee absences, writing up non-compete clauses, youth employment laws, deductions from earnings, and more.

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Terminating an Employee in Alberta

Not all employees will be the right fit for your company, but do you know when and how you can let them go? Avoid complications from wrongful termination lawsuits. We can help protect you while making decisions around employee termination, temporary layoffs, group terminations, and more.

Employment laws can be difficult to understand but we’re here to help — contact our lawyers to learn more about how we can help with terminations.