Insurance law covers a broad range of areas, including motor vehicle, home, casualty, disability and life insurance. Members of our experienced and dedicated legal team represent both insurance companies and individuals who need insurance coverage.

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Home Insurance Law

Was your home damaged due to a fire, flood, or the negligence of a neighbour? Do you need to replace costly possessions or have home repairs done? Is your home livable? Our lawyers can help you work with your insurance company to ensure you receive fair compensation for your losses.

Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart when you make a claim. Our expert insurance lawyers understand the ins and outs of insurance law and will work to get you the best possible recovery.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance Law

If you or someone you care for was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, our personal injury law team will ensure you receive the best settlement and appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering. Visit the personal injury law page for more information.

If you were in a motor vehicle accident where property was damaged, contact us to discuss your situation. 

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